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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Havasu Freedom Bridge Essay Contest

Attention Social Studies Teachers and Students: Lake Havasu City’s Freedom Bridge Foundation, with special thanks to the Department of History at Arizona State University, is holding a series of essay contests that are open to all Arizona schools. The winning essays will forever be engraved as the “76 Moments of Freedom” markers along the Freedom Bridge Memorial Walkway with the students’ name and school also engraved on the marker.The Freedom Bridge Memorial Walkway runs along the world famous London Bridge Channel in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Starting at the London Bridge and continuing to the soon-to-be built Freedom Bridge, this Memorial Walkway will become a new visitor attraction along with the Freedom Park and Freedom Bridge itself. Visit the Freedom Bridge website for more information (HavasuFreedomBridge.com). The most exciting part of this project will be the "76 Moments of Freedom" markers along the walkway. Starting with the earliest moments of our nation’s freedom and continuing to the present along the channel, there will be historical essays written by the students, engraved into the walkway. Student contributors of the historical essays will be identified in the “markers” along with the name of the school. Also, winners will be publicly recognized and rewarded with a certificate. Imagine, your name and essay will be engraved into part of this world famous attraction. The Freedom Bridge Memorial Walkway and the “76 Moments of Freedom” will be visited by millions and last for generations to enjoy! For more information go to http://www.havasufreedombridge.com/ and click on Essay Contest. Good Luck!!

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